Shooting Your Shot

You gotta keep them guessing and wanting. As soon as they feel like you’re too easy to get, they’re either gonna play you or leave you. Taylor, author of Tay’s Gen Z Diary If you’re here, you’re probably from my Relationship Tingz or Catching Feelings post. If you’re not, you’re here because you need help.Continue reading “Shooting Your Shot”

Relationship Tingz

A relationship should never be one-sided. It should be both of the partners putting in an equal amount of work. If it isn’t 50/50, you both need to take a small step back and figure out why. Taylor, author of Tay’s Gen Z Diary So, if you’re reading this, you’re either from my last postContinue reading “Relationship Tingz”

Catching Feelings

Lemme start off by saying… Ew. Catching feelings is weird and makes you do stupid stuff just because you like someone *insert roblox oof here*. But no, seriously, catching feelings is fun (ig) and it provides some good opportunities. I’m not gonna boss you around and act like I know everything about everything… But IContinue reading “Catching Feelings”