New School Tips

Starting a new school has to be one of the top 5 scariest things in the world. Like, having to leave behind what you were comfortable with and get re-comfortable and re-familiar with a new place? Ew, no thanks. Sometimes it’s inevitable, though. I realize that with corona, you’re probably not going to school. However,Continue reading “New School Tips”

30 Sleepover Night Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do at a sleepover. You plan to go to someone’s house or for someone to come to yours. You go, or they come over. And then what? Don’t worry, I’m here to save you the time of sitting around and not knowing what to do. This is 30Continue reading “30 Sleepover Night Ideas”

Tea With Tay/Answering Feedback

On my Feedback Time post the other day, a few people let me know what they think about my blog. Thank you to everyone that did! I will take everyone’s feedback into consideration and try to use it to make my blog better. In the feedback post, someone wanted my advice and I didn’t knowContinue reading “Tea With Tay/Answering Feedback”

The Memez Tag

New tag alert??? Aaliya from Aaliya’s Nook has created a newwww taggg!!! Taylor, author of Tay’s Gen Z Diary If you’re here, you’re probably mentioned in this post somewhere *wink wink*. If you’re not, you’re probably here because you just happened to stumble upon this post. Either way, you’re here. You’ve found me, so congratulations.Continue reading “The Memez Tag”

Random Questions Tag

Sometimes, being a little more open is good. Answering questions people don’t know about you can possibly benefit over time. Taylor, author of Tay’s Gen Z Diary If you’re here, you’re probably from my Confidence Do’s & Don’t’s post. If you’re not, you’re here because you wanna get to know me a little more. EitherContinue reading “Random Questions Tag”