Tay’s Gen-Z Diary

I like writing, singing (even though I’m not very good), dancing, eating, sleeping, and online shopping. I like regular shopping, too, but… Ya know… The coronavirus, smh. I also really like letting people hear my opinions about things, which is the very reason I started this blog. I like to do all of the things I said above, but my absolute favorite thing to do, is make money. I mean, who doesn’t like money?

A few things about me you might like to know:

  • I’m (quite obviously) a teenager
  • I’m (also kinda obvious) Black
  • I have some very strong opinions about things, but feel free to comment and share your own.
  • I’m kinda funny (you can be the judge of that)
  • I’m pretty straightforward (I hate “beating around the bush” or “sugarcoating it”)

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