My 10 Before 30

In case you don’t understand what the title means, it’s 10 things I want to do before I’m 30 years old. So, let’s get intooo it!

1. Travel.

I wanna travel sooo bad! And I definitely don’t wanna wait till I’m 30 to go to a different country!

2. Publish a Successful Book

If it takes me until I’m 30 to write a successful book, I’ll give up being an author in general.

3. Become a Doctor

I understand med school could be many years, but pleaseeee! I don’t wanna be 30 and still in college.

4. Get Signed to a Modeling Agency

It’s better to start off young.

5. Get Casted for a Good Role in a Movie or Show

Again, better to start off young.

6. Make over $100,000

I’m prettyy sure I can do that… I hope.

7. Become Truly Confident in Myself

I feel like this one should be on everyone’s list! It’s literally a MUST!

8. Figure out Who I am and Who I Want to be

As I’m in my teenage years, I honestly don’t know. There’s so many possibilities and I don’t wanna limit myself.

9. Be stable

Financially, physically, mentally, socially. The whole nine.

10. Do Everything Before Settling Down

I don’t think I’ll get married and have kids before 30, so I want to do everything I want to accomplish before then.

Daily Affirmation: I love myself.

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