Random Question Tag Ft. My Family

Hey, babes! I’m back after taking a break to focus on school. And yes, you’ve read the title correctly. I’m doing ANOTHER random question tag but this time… My family will answer the questions based on what they think about me.

So… Let’s get started. (lol I’m a little nervous for what they’ll say, because they have no filter whatsoever.)

Describe me in one word.

Brother J: Annoying.

Sister B: Likeable.

Sister C: Pretty.

Sister G: Idk.

My mom: Whoopen.

My dad: Ambitious.

What’s your favorite thing to do with me?

Brother J: Play Roblox.

Sister B: Bake together.

Sister C: Play Twister.

Sister G: Get Robux.

Mom: Talk and joke.

Dad: Compete in games.

What’s one thing we have in common?

Brother J: Fight with others on Roblox.

Sister B: We both like to bake.

Sister C: We’re both kind.

Sister G: We love each other.

Mom: We’re both hilarious.

Dad: We both despise working for someone else.

What’s the funniest thing we’ve done together?

Brother J: When we were playing Twister and I made you fall.

Sister B: When we were at the hotel and we were all jumping on the beds.

Sister C: Idk.

Sister G: Laugh.

Mom: Idk.

Dad: When you learned to ride a bike.

What’s a weird habit I have?

Brother J: You talk to yourself.

Sister B: When you walk around the house while talking to yourself.

Sister C: When someone smacks and you smack back.

Sister G: Crazy.

Mom: When you purposely smack.

Dad: Enjoying being scared from movies.

Who’s the neat one?

Brother J: You.

Sister B: You.

Sister C: You.

Sister G: Me (not true).

Mom: Me.

Dad: You.

Who’s more spoiled?

Brother J: Me (not true).

Sister B: You.

Sister C: You.

Sister G: You.

Mom: You.

Dad: You.

Who’s a better singer?

Brother J: Me (not true).

Sister B: You.

Sister C: You.

Sister G: You.

Mom: Idk.

Dad: You.

Do you like to go shopping with me?

Brother J: Duh.

Sister B: Uh yeah.

Sister C: Yes.

Sister G: Yes.

Mom: No.

Dad: Yes.

What’s something you think I should take more seriously?

Brother J: Getting in trouble.

Sister B: Grades.

Sister C: School.

Sister G: Idk.

Mom: Your future.

Dad: The fact that you really can become a millionaire if you put your mind to it.

What’s your favorite show that we’ve watched together?

Brother J: Henry Danger.

Sister B: Cobra Kai.

Sister C: Powerpuff Girls.

Sister G: Carmen Sandiego.

Mom: Stranger Things.

Dad: Jessie.

What’s your favorite movie that we’ve watched together?

Brother J: Megamind.

Sister B: Pitch Perfect 3.

Sister C: Monster Trucks.

Sister G: Power Rangers.

Mom: Divergent.

Dad: The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

What were we talking about before these questions?

Brother J: Nothing.

Sister B: Idk.

Sister C: When you told us to get off the game and eat.

Sister G: Idk.

Mom: Nothing.

Dad: Nothing.

Who keeps me up at night?

Brother J: C&G.

Sister B: C&G.

Sister C: K, because she never goes to sleep.

Sister G: B.

Mom: Yourself.

Dad: B.

Who’s lazier?

Brother J: You.

Sister B: You.

Sister C: Me.

Sister G: You.

Mom: You.

Dad: Me.

Who can sleep longer?

Brother J: You.

Sister B: You.

Sister C: You.

Sister G: Me.

Mom: Me.

Dad: You.

If my life was made into a movie, who would play me?

Brother J: Zendaya (unrealistic).

Sister B: Skai Jackson.

Sister C: Yara Shahidi (unrealistic).

Sister G: Beyonce (unrealistic again).

Mom: Marsai Martin.

Dad: Marsai Martin.

What’s the first thing I would do if I won the lottery?

Brother J: Buy a big house.

Sister B: Buy a house and a car.

Sister C: You would buy whatever you want.

Sister G: Idk.

Mom: You would buy a lot of stupid stuff.

Dad: You would give us some money to pay for stuff and then you’d go shopping with your friends.

If I ever went to jail, what would it be for?

Brother J: Robbing the bank.

Sister B: Murder.

Sister C: For stealing everything in the entire world.

Sister G: Because you robbed somebody.

Mom: Murder.

Dad: Speeding.

Last question… How many siblings do I have?

Brother J: 5 (wrong).

Sister B: 7.

Sister C: 0 (i- what?).

Sister G: 1 brother, 4 sisters (wrong).

Mom: 7.

Dad: 5 (wrong).

Mid-Weekly Affirmation: I forgive myself for my mistakes.

That’s all I have for this post! My next Whatever Wednesday post (by the time I post this, it won’t be Wednesday anymore, but yk what I mean) will be me interviewing someone (if you have someone you want me to interview or if you want me to interview you, comment below.)

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