Whatever Wednesday: Writing Prompt

This is my first writing prompt for Whatever Wednesday (a new addition to my blog!) Whenever I do writing prompts, feel free to do a continuation in the comments or on your own blog. Also, you could write in the comments, or on your blog, your own version of it if you would’ve said something differently.

Today’s writing prompt is in the amazing genre of dystopian societies! I don’t have a name for it, but after reading, you can come up with names and leave them in the comments. I was actually thinking about making each writing prompt a contest. I’d post my version of it on Wednesday and y’all would have a week to either continue my story or come up with your own version! If you put your version in my comments, of course I’ll see it instantly, but you can also put it on your blog. If you do it that way, please give me credit, and of course tag me so I can read it! Then, on the next Wednesday when I do my next prompt, I’d announce the winner! That seems so fun tbh. Well, let’s get started.

Writing Prompt

A twister’s coming. We all hurried into the underground shelter outside the house. Huddled together, my parents started praying. My little sister cried, and I held her close to me. “It’ll be alright.” I muttered as we heard the tornado roaring above us.

“No, it won’t be alright!” My brother yelled out and broke away from the huddle. “It won’t.”

“Calm down. Yes, it will.” My father said.

“Will it, Twyla?” Luna looked at me with her sad and scared face. I couldn’t bring myself to say no, so I said yes. My brother scoffed.

We waited an hour after we didn’t hear the twister anymore, and my mom said it was safe to go out. We opened the door to the shelter and stepped out into the world. Or what was left of it. “Told you.” Orion muttered.

“Twyla, I’m scared.” She grabbed onto my jacket and hid behind me.

“Me too, Luna, me too.”

That’s all I’ll do for now! I have a vision for how this could go, and while writing, I was thinking of actually turning this into a book or short story. I’m not gonna keep going, because I want to see what y’all do with it and where y’all take the story. But pleaseee participate in the contest, because I’m very excited and can’t wait to read you guys’ stories!

Mid-Weekly Affirmation: My challenges help me grow.

That’s all I have for this post! I’ll be doing another Whatever Wednesday (I might change it to Writing Prompt Wednesday if the participation goes as planned) next week so look out for that!

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