Whatever Wednesday: Birthday Wishlist

This is a newww addition to my blog where every Wednesday I’ll do a post where I’m not giving advice. It may be a book review (I need to get back to reading), doing a writing prompt, or doing a random post that I feel like doing! I hope you’re here for it, because I very much am.

So, today’s post for Whatever Wednesday is… Birthday Wishlist! So, this is just gonna be a list of things I want in general (whether specifically for my birthday or not). And these can be some ideas for your wishlist or if you want to buy someone something.

1. Phone

Well, I’m literally gonna put a phone on my wishlist until I get one lol. And Idk if you would ever actually buy someone a phone for their birthday unless you were their parent or something.

2. Macbook

So, I’m gonna do electronics first as you can see. I really just need a new laptop, because the one I have now (the one I’m currently using) is a school computer, so I can’t do everything I wanna do. For instance, I can’t watch Netflix, can’t go on Pinterest cuz it’s considered social media, and sometimes I wanna download games like Among Us or Roblox and I can’t download anythinggg! The reason why I said Macbook and not just any laptop is because on a Macbook I can download iMovie which is one of the main apps I use to edit my YouTube videos. That way, I won’t have to use all the storage on the iPad with my videos and edits and can have everything on the Mac.

3. Purse

I want a purse that’s not too small, but not too big. Like, all my stuff can fit and there’s a lil space so it’s not crowded, but I don’t want it to be hugeee. I have one of those purse backpacks now, but it’s tearing so it’s time for an upgrade. Also, depending on where you go, you can get a cute lil purse for cheap in case you wanted to buy a purse for someone.

4. Clothes

Clothes clothes clothes clothes! I want new clothessss soooo badddd! Like, I just want new everything. I wanna throw away all my clothes and get a whole new wardrobe. Just… Yes! I feel like clothes are easy to get people as long as you know what they like and what size they wear. You can get cheap, cute stuff from Shein or go to the mall or something.

5. Shoes

Shoes shoes shoes shoes! I want shoessss!!!!!!! I want some Vans, Fenty slides, Jordan’s, maybeee some Converse, possibly some Adidas, and Uggs. I just want new new new newwww! When I get older, Imma have to make sure I have money, because I give off very much bougie energy.

6. Money

Who doesn’t want money? Money is an essential part of life and it’s vital to my success. From now on, I save my money. No matter what. Gotta be able to do things I wanna do and be able to support myself.

7. Shnacks

I love snacks. Poptarts, Oreos, ice cream, Pineapple Fanta, Hot Fries, and candyyy! Yesss, those are my BABIESSSS!!

Mid-Weekly Affirmation: Today I am a leader.

That’s all I have for this post! I’ll be doing another Whatever Wednesday post next week, so be on the lookout for that!

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Byeee, babes!

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