Feeling Drained

You know when you wake up and it’s just not your day? You feel utterly and completely unmotivated to do anything except lay in bed. I’m here for you. To fix this constant and consistent problem. We all have days where we’re just like… NO.

I’m going to give you some tips that might help boost your motivation or at least get you moving around and being a littleee productive. So, yeah, Imma give you the tea.

Take Some Time Out for Yourself

If you’re feeling drained, it’s typically gonna be because of stress from school, work, family, or just life in general. So, take a break. Put life on pause for a second… Obviously, you can’t actually do that. But it’d be cool if we could, wouldn’t it?

No, seriously, babes. Just relaxxx. I know I say that in almost every blog/diary post everrr, but like… That should show you that I’m totally completely serious about it. RELAX! Make time for yourself even when time isn’t available. Rearrange your priorities.

Remember: Your life isn’t anything without you. Whatever you think is important… School, work, family, friends… It’s nothing without you. If you really think something is important, you’d want to apply yourself. How can you actually apply yourself if you’re so stressed that you’re physically and mentally exhausted? You can’t. You’re more important than anything. You come first before everything and everyone.

Listen to Music

Sometimes my advice seems a little repetitive, but the fact that I’m constantly telling you means that I really want you to listen to what I’m saying. Music does not help everyone relax. It’s possible that it won’t help you. Don’t worry, you’re not broken!

I suggest listening to music when you wake up and before you go to sleep and throughout the day when you don’t have a lot to do. Go on YouTube and look up “calming, relaxing music” and I’m sure something you like will pop up. Close your eyes and listen to the music, it’ll probably help you go to sleep. I listen to music with headphones on before I go to sleep, because it helps my mind focus on the music some more. If I’m thinking about a whole bunch of other things instead of the music, it’ll take longer for the music to come into affect and I’ll be up for more than 30 minutes than I intended to be.

Try music and see if it works for you. If not, that’s okayy. I’ve got more advice for you, babe.

Eat Some Fruit

Fruit has lots of water and nutrients in it. EAT FRUIT! BE HEALTHY! You can go a little further and eat some veggies, but maybe we can take baby steps. I recommend apples, because they also have vitamins in the skin. Apples, grapes, pineapple, oranges, bananas. All of those are fruits I eat a lot (oranges and bananas are ehh.)

Fruit is sooo good. If you don’t eat fruit, babe, you are not living! Like, fruit do be good tho. Anywayy, fruit can give you energy and rejuvenate you a lil after having a really draining day (which is exactlyy what we need.) A healthy and easy way to incorporate fruit into your diet is to eat it with your lunch or breakfast. When I eat a standard lunch, I eat a sandwich, chips, crackers, fruit snacks (depends on my mood), and some form of fruit. Yes, I know, I eat like an elementary school child. Doesn’t matter, my lunch still be good. (Plus, I’m too lazy to actually cook something.)

Stay Hydrated


Water is sooooooooo important. Like, extremely. You know, it’s very much a life or death typa thing. Water does a lot for your skinnn! I know everybody says that, but it’s crazy how true it is. PLEASE DRINK WATER! EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Lotsss of water. Especially if you’re gonna be up and moving around a lot. Water is essential to happiness, babe. I don’t make the rules, I just pass the message.


If you are like me and you stay up all night… GTS! I don’t care if you’re scrolling on Insta or TikTok. I don’t care if you’re binge watching Netflix or watching YouTube. Your mental and physical state depend on you getting enough sleep. Goodnight, babe.

Remember: This is YOUR Life & You Should Always Be #1

We’ve talked about putting others before yourself and we’re gonna talk about it again. If you’re like me and you’re happy if you’re making others happy… That’s not good. It’s great to want to be helpful and make a difference in people’s life. But who’s helping you? Who’s making a difference in your life? Who can you count on to check on you randomly and make sure you’re okay?

If you didn’t say “me”/”myself” to those three questions… We’re in the DANGER ZONE! I understand what it’s like to base your existence on other people. Don’t do that. You have to always have your own back. Don’t rely on someone else to check up on you when you’re sad. Don’t rely on someone else to fight your battles for you. Don’t rely on someone else PURRRIOD *rolling ray voice*.

If people rely on you, that’s fine. It means you’re trustworthy and good at helping others. However, if you really want to help people… Share this with them. Screenshot it and send it to them maybe. They shouldn’t rely on you. They should love you and care for you and know they can come to you whenever they need to, but they shouldn’t be coming to you for every little thing. We have to learn to take responsibility for ourselves.

Stop Pouring from an Empty Cup

This is kind of a piggy back off of the one above. It’s great to help and love others, but make sure the love isn’t one sided. It happens so often where we think we’re getting back what we put in, but we’re not. It takes a while before we realize it, depending on how far into that person we are.

It’s okay to remove yourself from a person’s life if they’re not giving you the same energy you give them. Never feel bad for that.

Stop Overthinking & Poisoning Your Thoughts w/ Negativity

Overthinking may be the absolute worst part of the standard human brain. We overthink so much. Create imaginary situations to scare ourselves. Our thoughts will seem so real, that it’s hard to believe it’s not. Trust me, I’ve been there. But at some point, you’ve got to draw the line.

It’s not real. Tell yourself that. Sometimes, we can overthink and it can end up being true. That doesn’t make it better. If anything, that makes it worse. Leave any negativity in 2020. Close the door on it. Don’t go back and keep checking on it. Let. It. Go.

Take Some Time to Reevaluate What’s Going On

If you have a lot going on and that’s the reason you’re exhausted… Take a minute to figure out what exactly is going on. If someone asks, you shouldn’t say, “Everything.” or “What’s not going on”… Um chile what?

You need to know what it is that’s happening. Are you failing classes, in drama with your friends, family problems, stressed about employment? You should know. This is your life we’re talking about. It shouldn’t be so vague.

Put Your Problems into Perspective

A piggy back off the one above. However, just because something is happening in your life doesn’t mean it’s a problem. You could be overwhelmed, because your sister is having a wedding, you’re struggling with your piano classes, and you’re studying for your driver’s test. Your sister’s wedding isn’t a problem, the other two are.

You need to figure out what is a problem and what is just there. You can’t know what a problem is until you know what all is going on (hint hint.)

Take a Break from Your Distractions

I hate to break it to you, but the things we love the most are usually distractions. If you’re stressed about your driver’s test and you’re so focused and worried about that so you can’t worry about school… You’ll probably start failing. At that point, your driver’s test is a distraction from the bigger picture. Yes, we want a car.

School leads to a job (yes, you can get a job without school duh). Jobs lead to money. Money leads to spending (*cough cough* car). Don’t you think we should rearrange our priorities? Just because you have your license, doesn’t mean you’re gonna get a car right away. But as soon as you finish high school or college, you get a diploma or degree. For all my middle school babes, you’ll get there soon. Take your time, high school is hard.

Focus on What Needs to be Done

Don’t stress about your sister’s wedding when you have piles of homework to do. Your sister can handle it and she has her fiance and her friends and family to help. You focus on what you need to do. That includes school, a job if you have one, extracurriculars, and anything like that.

Stop letting unnecessary things like social media get in the way of your progress.

All in All, Be Your Own Bsf & Do What’s Best for You

This kind of sums up everything I said before. Being your own best friend will help you out so much. Always do what’s best for you. No matter what that is. At the end of the day, it’s night. And at the end of the night, it’s day. With that being said, you know what to do. Take care of yourself before you rush and try to overcare for others.

Best Thing to Happen to me This Week: I got put into the Psychology class I’ve been trying to get into since last semester.

Weekly Affirmation: There is no one better to be than myself.

That’s all I have for this post! I’ll be doing a Boys post next, and plentyyy more!

Please like, comment, and share this post.

Byeee, babes!

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