New School Tips

Good Luck In Your New School

Starting a new school has to be one of the top 5 scariest things in the world. Like, having to leave behind what you were comfortable with and get re-comfortable and re-familiar with a new place? Ew, no thanks. Sometimes it’s inevitable, though.

I realize that with corona, you’re probably not going to school. However, there are people still moving to new areas. And schools are starting to open back up. So, if you’re starting school again next semester or if you’re going to a new school next semester… I’m gonna help you!

Relax/Calm Down

First thing to do is realize that you’re going to be okay. No matter what happens, you’ll be okay. And if you’re not okay or something really embarrassing happens, then come talk to me for advice.

To calm down, take a few breaths and watch TV or draw or listen to music. If that doesn’t work, take a nap. If all that doesn’t calm your nerves, take a hot shower or hot bath while playing some type of relaxing music in the back. (Relaxing music is whatever music you want to use to relax.)

First Impressions

First impressions are veryyy important. However, PLEASE DO NOT FREAK OUT! It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t have a panic attack (pls I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t.) Just practice what you’re going to say. “Hi, my name is ____” and BOOM!

People are going to ask you questions. They’ll ask your name, where you’re from, what classes you have, what school you used to go to… Things like that. As long as you know some general information about yourself, I think you should be good!

Dress nice, but not tooo nice (lol I made the mistake of dressing “too nice” on my first day of middle school.) Just be casual. Make sure your outfit is cute and not wrinkled or tacky. Please, make sure your clothes are on the right way and are matching. Extra points if you’re drippy. Make sure your hair looks good, too.

Don’t over do it! Just be you. I know that’s super cheesy, but believe me. It works. Don’t try to be everyone’s friend and don’t be in everyone’s face on the first day. Let them come up to you (and trust me, they will come up to you.)

Please please be super respectful to everyone. You don’t have to be, like, disgustingly nice. If you’re really sarcastic, be sarcastic. You’ll most likely find some other people that are also sarcastic, so you’ll have friends. When I say be respectful to everyone, I also mean teachers and staff. They basically determine how hard or easy your year is going to be… So be nice.

Second Impressions

In case you messed up your first impression somehow, it’s okay. You still have the rest of the week and kind of the week after to fix it. Just repeat the steps above until you have at least one or two friends. Then, you’re set.

Stay Out of Drama

Do not be in drama within the first month of being at a new school. When I say new school, I mostly mean where you don’t have any friends. Not really like if you moved to a school in 8th grade then you went to 9th grade with the same people.

Drama will automatically kill your reputation as a new kid. You’ll be labeled as messy, and I promise you don’t want that. You’ll still have friends, but when I say sooo many people will make the year hard for you. Just stay out the mix. You’re literally the new kid, so chill.

Don’t try to get a boyfriend or girlfriend within the first 2 months. Again, you’ll be labeled and it’ll kill your reputation. If you’re a girl, you’ll be labeled a… You know. People will say you’re “fast” and “easy”. Babe, you do not want to be labeled as fast or easy, trusttt me.

If you’re a boy, you might think it’s cute to get a girlfriend really fast. It’s not. It looks good to the other boys, but to the girls… No. They’ll think you’re for the streets and for everybody and not loyal.

This goes for girls and guys: Once you’re labeled as “for everybody” or “for the streets/highway/freeway/universe/sewers”, you will always have that label.


Since you’re new, your teachers aren’t going to make you do any work from before you came to the school. Once you get your classes, get on top of it and stay on top of it. Make sure you’re paying attention in class and turning in all work on time.

Impressing the teachers and staff is just as important as impressing the students. If you’re in drama… Trust me, babe, the adults will know. They’ll also label you as messy. Some teachers will pick fights with students. Do not be one of the students that argues with teachers (at least not within the first 2 months of being at the school).

Being respectful is key. For example, thanking the lunch ladies for your food, cleaning up after yourself so the custodians (janitors) have less to do, addressing everyone respectfully, smiling whenever an adult looks at you, being able to stay respectful even if you’re having a bad day. Those things are KEY! Teachers love that stuff, I promise you.

As someone who typically has had every single staff member like her throughout her entire school career, you can trust my knowledge. No, I was not a teacher’s pet. My teachers trusted me, and that’s what you want. Do not be all up in a teacher’s face, because that’ll make them not like you. Just chill out and keep it lowkey. Then, you’re set.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Don’t be super hard on yourself if your first and second impressions aren’t the best. Don’t be super hard on yourself if you don’t have friends right away. Don’t be super hard on yourself if the teachers and staff don’t like you right away. It’s going to take time.

Just be patient, be yourself, calm down, and rememberrr: If you want to talk to me about first day jitters or anything at all, you can do that here!

That’s all I have for this post! I’ll be doing a Friend Date Ideas post next, and plentyyy more!

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Byeee, babes! Let me know down in the comments if you have any suggestions on what I should call y’all.

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