Tea With Tay/Answering Feedback

On my Feedback Time post the other day, a few people let me know what they think about my blog. Thank you to everyone that did! I will take everyone’s feedback into consideration and try to use it to make my blog better.

In the feedback post, someone wanted my advice and I didn’t know if you wanted me to email you back or reply with a blog post. I have a section on my blog, called Tea With Tay, where you can tell me any stories or ask me for any advice.

Tea With Tay is a subscription service where you have direct access to me and my advice. I reply to you in a blog post!! You can keep your identity confidential, or you can have people know who you are. If you decide to have your identity known, you can just give me your first name or a nickname. I will also shoutout your social medias, (Youtube, Instagram, your website, etc.).

If you don’t want me to tell your identity, then just put “Anonymous” in the Name bar. If you don’t want me to reply in a blog post where people can read it, then put your email in the Email bar and let me know that you want me to email you.

You can only read the posts from Tea With Tay if you have a Tea With Tay subscription. If you aren’t paying the monthly fee of $5, you will not have access to the posts in this section.

To the person who wanted advice, I had a little trouble understanding what you needed help with, because you sent multiple feedback forms. If you could go to the Tea With Tay section and tell me your problem again, I would greatly appreciate it. You do have to pay the $5 for me to reply to you.

I hope this was easy to understand and I hope you’ll come to me for any future advice you may need! Also, I do want to have something to call everyone that follows my blog. I was calling you all “babes” at first, but thanks to feedback, I’ve decided to call you all something else. If you have any suggestions to what I could call all of you, please comment it down below!

Today’s shoutout goes to Riddhi B. She’s been so helpful with giving feedback, and she’s been veryyy active on my posts! Go follow her blog, Whispering Stories, and see what she’s up to! Her blog is mostly about different tags and books! *wink wink* to the book lovers!

Bye, everyone šŸ™‚

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