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Sometimes, being a little more open is good. Answering questions people don’t know about you can possibly benefit over time.

Taylor, author of Tay’s Gen Z Diary

If you’re here, you’re probably from my Confidence Do’s & Don’t’s post. If you’re not, you’re here because you wanna get to know me a little more. Either way, you’re here. You’ve found me, so congratulations. And, yeah, Imma give you the tea.

1. If you had to change your first name, what would it be?

I might change my name to Kiara or Keyera, Aaliyah, or Jazmin. I know that’s a whole four different names to choose out of, but I love those names so much. I would name my daughter one of those, or use one of those names for the first name and use another one for the middle name. Or give her two middle names. Kiara Aaliyah Jazmin? Kiara Jazmin Aaliyah? Keyera Jazmin Aaliyah? Keyera Aaliyah Jazmin?

2. Who do you look up to growing up?

Um, I don’t know. I’ve never really looked up to anybody (not fully anyway). In certain aspects and situations, I’d look up to my mom. Sometimes, my friends. Sometimes, myself. It just depends. I look up to a lot of people, I guess. I don’t know how to answer this really, because there’s a lot that ties into it.

3. What relative was important to you?

All of my relatives are important to me. I’d have to say the top three are the ones that live with me (all of them stand as one relative), my grandma, and my cousins. After that, you have my aunts, my dad & siblings that don’t live with me (they stand as one, too), and my grandpa. That’s pretty much all the family I know, so yeah.

4. Are you high maintenance?

Um… Well, simply put… Yes. I mean, not really. I’m trying to set myself up so that by the time my birthday comes around, I can provide for myself. This includes clothes, shoes, food, and anything I need or want. If I can financially provide for myself now, then imagine how good I’ll be when I move out! I’d say I’m high maintenance now, because my parents are constantly buying things for me. However, I will greatly reduce that throughout the next couple of months.

5. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?

I would eliminate my insecurities and doubts about myself. I’m about 75% sure that the insecurities and doubts I have are limiting me to many things. I think I’m not good enough at school to go into the medical field. I think I’m not pretty or talented enough to go into entertainment (modeling and acting). But, yeah, I’d get rid of that.

6. Do you prefer people be straight up with you or make it easier to hear?

Definitely be straight up. I’m always straight up with people. I tell them what it is and what it isn’t, and I expect people to do the same thing with me. Don’t sugar coat it. Don’t beat around the bush. Just tell me like it is, even if I’m gonna get upset or get sad. It doesn’t matter.

7. What is your idea of special time together?

Any time together with someone you really want to spend time with is special. I feel like it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re with the person you wanna be hanging out with.

8. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?

I wanna get married at 23 or 24. I’m really not looking to compromise that age. I mean, I guess if me and the right person talk about it and decide to get married before or after that, then yk… It’s life. It happens.

9. Have you ever dated two people at the same time?

Kinda sorta maybe. I wasn’t dating them to be honest, but I was halfway in a relationship. To the point where we weren’t together, but we only talked to each other. Now, get this. Two boys, right? They live in the same state. The same city. The same county. They even go to the same school. And, they were friends. Who’s gonna tell them? Nobody. Cuz I kept it on the low and they never found out. Then, I waited till they fell in love with me and I broke their hearts. Am I proud of it? No, not really. Am I gonna lie about it? Nope. So, to those boys… I’m truly sorry for all the pain I caused you. I hope you’re doing better now.

10. What female celebrity would you want to be your sister?

Zendaya, Skai Jackson, or Marsai Martin. I love those three soo muchhh! Actually, I would want Taty Cokley as my sister. She gives the best advice and I love her YouTube channel so much. She’s a life saver. Any of those four would be an ideal sister for me.

11. When did you suffer your first heartbreak?

Well, I guess the first time I got “heartbroken” was when this dude I was dating for 7 months cheated on me. Him cheating had a lasting effect on me. I already slightly had trust issues before I met him, but after he cheated, the trust issues got worse. I made very bad decisions throughout my life, but now it’s not as bad. The trust issues are still terrible, though.

12. A comedy or horror movie?

Horror, because I loveee scary movies! Comedy movies are my second favorite genre, though.

13. Would you rather deal with a crying baby or a spoiled child?

Spoiled child, because when a baby cries, they can’t tell you what’s wrong with them. And, also, a spoiled child is easy. All I’m gonna do is tell them no and go on with my day.

14. Last thing I watched on TV?

13 Reasons Why. I’m finally getting back into that show. I had watched like 3 episodes when it first came out, decided it was boring, and just stopped watching it. Now, I’m giving it one more chance and I’ll watch maybe the whole first season and then decide if I want to continue watching.

15. What’s the worst grade I’ve gotten in a class?

Two years ago in my Social Studies class, my teacher told me I had a 55. However, 55 was the lowest grade you could get (in the grade book/on the report card). He then told me that if the school was allowed to give lower than a 55, I’d have a 16 in his class. I was shocked.

That’s all I have for this post! I’ll be doing an A Day in My Life post next, and plentyyy more!

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I love you, babes 🙂

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