Having a Likeable Personality

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I know you’re probably thinking, “A likeable personality? What does that even mean?” For example, people who don’t have likeable personalities are very … negative about things . Having a likeable personality includes things like not being jealous of others, uplifting other people, and more! Imma lyk what each of these things are, and how to achieve them.

Step 1: Niceness
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Honestly, you saw this one coming. First, lemme say one thing. There’s a difference between being nice and being friendly, (for those in relationships). Of course, everyone knows… Nobody wants their boyfriend being friendly to other girls and nobody wants their girlfriend being friendly to other boys. However, you can be nice without being friendly. Being friendly is akekeke-ing at other boys/girl’s jokes. Obviously, if it’s funny, then it’s funny. But don’t be just dyinggg at everything they say, and laughing when it ain’t funny. Like, no. That’s not cute. And don’t be tryna be a comedian just cause other girls/boys are around. Like, if you’re not that funny with your bf/gf, then don’t be tryna show out around others. Be yourself 🙂. Being nice is being polite. Having a normal conversation, (not talking about nothing c r a z y) making a FEW jokes, (like I said, don’t be no comedian), and being respectful. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE BEING NICE WITH BEING FRIENDLY!!! (talking to my girls & boys that get jealous easily, a.k.a me smh)

Being nice also goes towards being nice to the same sex. For some reason, it’s a “trend” for girls to be all mean and just… Ew towards other girls. (Same with boys.) If you’re one of those girls that don’t smile when you see other girls or just have a standoffish reaction to girls, STOP IT! Not every girl is “competition”, (but we’ll get into that later.) I know that some girls just click with boys easier than with girls (I’m one of those girls), but you don’t have to just be rude to girls. Saying, “Oh, I don’t do well with girls” is NOT an excuse to be rude. You can be nice without having every girl as your best friend, okay? Now, for the boys. Honestly, boys are pretty much okay with each other. Like, there’s not a lot of just hating other boys because he’s a boy. But, for those few boys out there, STOP IT! Get some help. You can be nice to other boys without being “gay”. Because that’s the reason a lot of boys are standoffish with each other, because they don’t want to seem “gay”. Like, how high school movie cliche of you to do that. This is not a movie or a TV show, this is real life. (note that I put gay in quotation marks, because that makes no sense whatsoever. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being gay; I’m merely making fun of the people who dtm about it.)

Step 2: Controlling Your Jealousy
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When I say jealousy, this could mean in a relationship or just in general. If you get jealous, because your gf/bf is around the opposite sex or talking to the opposite sex… Stop it. Get some help. As I said before, there’s a difference between being nice and being friendly. There’s no reason for you to get upset if your gf/bf is talking to the opposite sex. There’s no reason for you to get upset if your gf/bf has friends of the opposite sex. (As long as the friend, or whoever, respects the fact that y’all are in a relationship.) If you get mad because other boys or girls like/want your gf or bf, DO NOT BE JEALOUS!!! That’s how it should be. Did you think y’all were gonna get together and everyone else was going to disappear? Whatever your reason is for liking them, other people notice it, too. You weren’t the first person to like them, and you’re not going to be the last. But, they chose you. They know that other people want them, and they chose you.

Now, on to jealousy in friendships (or just in general). Jealousy in friendships is when you get jealous of your friends, because they have something you don’t, or are doing better than you. YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY FOR THEM!!! Don’t hate. Congratulate. Jealousy within friendships and jealousy within everything is different! Jealousy within friendships can sometimes, (not always), stay within the friendship. Jealousy in general is you being jealous about friends, your SO, your family, and everyoneee. For the girls, if you see a girl being great and you can’t be like “Periana, sis did that.” and you’re all “Ugh, it’s fake. She think she all that.” Girlll, getcha self together. For the boys, if you see another boy with something you don’t have, (a girl, a bag, designer something, a car, you get my drift), there’s no need for all the “Oh, is that real? His girl probably cheating on him. He’s probably the side.” Like, no, you’re the side. Shut up, and focus on yourself. Don’t worry about whether her stuff is fake or his stuff is real, CUZ IT DON’T GOT NOTHING TO DO WITCHU!!! Worry about yaself, babes :).

Step 3: Uplifting Others
The Power of Uplifting Others - Posts | Facebook

This one is pretty self explanatory. When you’re uplifting others, you’re hyping them up even if they have something you don’t or accomplished something you didn’t. So basically, uplifting others is the opposite of the jealousy I was talking about in step 2. If you see someone doing good in life, you would be like, “AS YOU SHOULD! IT’S THE SUCCESS FOR ME!” Don’t be all, “Bruh. That’s not even real.” Like, sir, if you don’t have a job because you’re focusing on school or you’re not ready for the responsibility of one, just say that. Don’t be like, “Her body is plastic. That’s photoshop. She don’t look like that for real.” Sis, why are you worried about it? Whether it’s from surgery or not, whether it’s photoshop or not, it ain’t got nothing to do with you! If you’re upset, because you don’t look like that, just say that. Don’t be all, “She think she all that.” No, babes, you think she all that and that’s why you said something.

Step 4: Achieving the Likeable Personality
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This is the conclusion. The last “step” – which is coming to terms with and being content with yourself. Once you’ve learned how to be nice, and got past the jealousy, and gave praise to others when it was needed… You’re ready. You’ve achieved greatness, so congratulations. Now, if you don’t know how to be nice, not be jealous, or uplift others… Fake it till you make it, babes 😉.

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That’s all for today! I’ll be doing more little blog-diary posts about things like this (if you want me to). lmk anything in the comments, if you need help, didn’t understand anything I said, things like that. lmk anything else you wanna say, this is most definitely a judgement free zone because most likely if you or anyone else is here, you don’t have the time to judge others because we’re focusing on who? o u r s e l v e s.

It’s the acting like this is youtube for me.

Not me acting like I have a youtube channel smh.

Anywaysss, bye babes, I love you all and you can watch (read) me rant about random things another time!

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