Start a Riot !

“Yo, we should riot on these haters!” lmao, y’all was serious. I heard we letting out the animals in the zoo now? Y’all wild.

Ngl, I wanna come out to the protests so bad! However, now, there’s a curfew. 9 pm? I literally saw a video where the oppression and racism has continued. Despite the curfew, and the burning of buildings. The police dragged a young, black couple out of their car and tased them, even though there were two white girls in a car right in front of them. They did all this because of a curfew!? And this was in Atlanta, smh.

Anyways, back to what I was saying. Police are getting the tear gas, and rubber bullets. Have you seen the effects of a rubber bullet? “It’s just a rubber bullet.” NOOO, IT’S NOT! The girl inna picture above? THAT WAS FROM A RUBBER BULLET! It left a HOLE in her head like what!

Some white people, and a few other races, have said that the riots and protests aren’t necessary. Are you serious!? It’s not necessary, even though my people are being killed for no reason at all, and you have the AUDACITY to say we shouldn’t be out there protesting?

We shouldn’t be scared to go out on the streets, okay? Nobody should. I don’t wanna hear no “all lives matter”. Somebody, I’m really not sure who, said if there was a house on fire, the fire department should spray water on all the houses, right? No, they would just spray that house, because it’s on fire. So, yes, all races and all lives matter. But is your race on fire? Is your race constantly getting gunned down and wrongfully imprisoned because of their skin tone? Oh okay.

Alr, but I coulda sworn somebody that looks orange and is a child predator and is possibly the most stupid president we’ve ever had said sum?

Here’s the problem with the protesting. Y’all are going out there for what? George Floyd? To get 3 or 4 cops arrested? Is that all? No. It can’t be.

Go out there with an AGENDA! We’re not burning buildings, throwing water bottles at mayors, beating police officers with skateboards, stealing their horses, letting animals free just to get 3 or 4 officers arrested. No.

Think about it, the officers get it from somewhere. They are being taught that nothing will happen and that killing black people is what they’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to be protecting us! Where does the teaching come from? The academy they go to. They training they go through before they get the badge.

So, who funds the academy and training? Government. That’s the problem. Government and the system. That’s who and what we’re targeting. Not George Floyd’s killers. Catching them is going to do what? NOTHING. We have to target the system or they’ll just keep putting people like Derek Chauvin out on the force.

For all my teens that work… Can you imagine working with someone and later, their crusty, rusted ol’ knee is in yo neck? You’re telling them “I can’t breathe”, and they don’t even care, because you’re “resisting”. Resisting what? Resisting death?

I’m tired of it. Like, for real. Getting pulled over scares me. Cuz who says me or my family can’t be next? Like, it’s real life scary out here. White people don’t have a fear of being stopped and gunned down, then “oh, my bad, wrong person”. No, who does that? I’ll tell you who. WHITE PEOPLE. Why would they do it to their own kind?

Now, we’re not gonna act like black people don’t kill black people. But we’re also not gonna act like white people don’t kill white people. There will most likely always be a race that still kills one of their own. It’s usually based off where you live. You live in the hood where there’s mostly black people and they’re in rival gangs? That’s where the crime lies. Let’s say they’re not in gangs, that’s still where the crime lies. White people kill their people in their neighborhoods, too. They just don’t get in trouble for it.

I’m hoping this upcoming generation, ours and the ones after us, see how things are now and actually make sure it stops and doesn’t continue. Everyone keeps saying non-violence and peaceful protests. WHEN HAS THAT EVER DONE ANYTHING!?

May 2, 1963… The children’s march in Alabama. Children left school to meet up at Sixth Street Baptist Church and marched to Birmingham, Alabama. They were peacefully protesting. No violence used by them. Where did the violence come from? The officers. They got out water hoses, dogs, batons, and arrested the children. For protesting. For using their right of freedom of speech.

A few years ago, we protested. Peacefully. We started protesting peacefully now. What happened? Batons. People arrested and beaten. People shot with rubber bullets. Tear gas. Trump said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” They threatened to bring out the dogs. Are you kidding me? The dogs were trained to sniff out drugs on people, correct?

So, how are they going to bring out the dogs to keep us down like they did in the ’60s? THEY’VE BEENNN TRAINING THE DOGS TO ATTACK US! Once, my mom was at the store, I can’t remember if my siblings were with her or not, and she’s leaving the store. She’s walking past this truck with a white lady in the front seat. The dog in the car starts barking at my mom, and the lady goes, “Not yet.” nOt yEt!? NOT YET!? Wdym not yet!? She trained her dog to do that when a person who’s not white comes around.

Then, America has the audacity to criticize other countries. “You guys need a democracy. We’ll help you get a democracy. We’ll send troops.” Oh, you’ll send troops? Just like how you sent the national guard to beat up protestors? America, you can no longer try to fix other nations when yours is literally burning down and being torn apart.

You stole land from the natives, you stole land from us. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!? Oh, you want us dead? Exterminated? Well, too bad. Go cry about it to your fellow rapists, child molestors, and murders.

Some people have the nerve to say that we deserve it if we committed a crime. No. Nobody deserves to get shot for selling CDs without a permit. You know who deserves to get shot? School shooters. Rapists. People like that. And they do, if they’re black. A white school shooter? Gets a go fund me and has a “mental disorder”. A white man can rape multiple people, have several witnesses, THERE COULD BE A VIDEO, and the media says, “We’ll investigate first and then we’ll get back to you.” A white woman can lie and say a black man raped her, and he automatically gets killed.

Not even by police. By other random white people trying to make a “citizen’s arrest”. A black man kills someone? Instantly either gets killed or incarcerated. A white man kills someone? “We’ll investigate and get back to you. We have to look at the autopsy results and see if the person really died from the shot. They could’ve overdosed or something.” Like, what!?

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 23: Donald Glover attends the “Atlanta” New York screening at The Paley Center for Media on August 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

If a white person got killed, and police and detectives said they had to investigate further, white people would be outraged. They’d kill anyone and still get away with it! That’s the type of world we live in. As Donald Glover said, “This is America. Don’t catch you slipping now. Look how I’m living now. Police be tripping now.”

We all thought it was just a nice song wit a catchy beat. No. The brother was right. This is America. Not “Black America”. White America. North America. They don’t care about us here. Either we force them to respect us, or we leave. That really seems like the only option atp.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying I hate white people! I hate the system that was created by white people. I’m not saying all white people are racists, because there are plenty of whites protesting and standing with us. I’m not saying that only white people are racists, because we all know that’s not true. But, right now, let’s focus on one thing at a time.

TURN IT UPPP! that’s the max 😂: Go watch my newest YouTube video, the link to this post will be in the description and the comments.

AND AS ALWAYSSS, lmk your opinions in the comments! like and SHARE with others! (lmk if you’re going to the protest or if you’ve alr been. since i can’t go, i wanna know what it was like for y’all)

byeee 🥺✌🏾

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