STAY INSIDE: Quarantine Tingz

So, I get that quarantine is over. But like…? Y’all really going outside? Couldn’t be me. Man, yesterday, I was riding in the car with my mom and siblings. People were at the park. The parks aren’t even open. Y’all just breakin’ and enterin’ now? That’s what we doing? Bet. Say less.

I hate to be that person, but I’m going to have to be that person. Dear Government, WHY DID YOU OPEN THE MOST RETARDED THINGS!? Movie theaters, nail salons, bowling alleys. They won’t open a clothing store, but we’ll die if we can’t bowl, right?

No offense, but if you’re going out places… You’re just a lil slow. In my state, the number of corona cases are ESCALATING! It’s like 1k new cases every day. And you’re still going out there??? I hate staying inside, too, but stay at home. Just please. Don’t you want it to be over? If everyone stays at home then it’ll die out.

“There’s nothing to do.” Sure there is. I’m gonna tell you a few things you can do.

Read a book
Let’s be real. When was the last time you read a book? It doesn’t have to be a big book with tons of words, okay? I’m not telling you to read Harry Potter or Percy Jackson (seriously why are those books so huge!?) Just read something. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries (see what I did there?)

Start a New Hobby
I started blogging. Come up with something. It could literally be you and your sister or brother trying weird food combinations, but anything to pass the time.

Get active
Dance or exercise. You need to get moving. We’ve all been sitting on our beds and couches and eating food all day. We could burn a few calories.

Glow up
Start a new skin, hair, or body routine. If you already have one, keep it up. Use this time to get better, so you can pop out and have people like “SINCE WHENNN!?”

You saw it coming, you know you did. Get on Netflix, if you have access to it. I’ve been catching up on Riverdale, and I just finished All American and On My Block. Netflix pulls through when nobody else does.

If you don’t have Netflix, or have watched all the good shows (doubtful), and if you have TV… Watch TV. I’m sure Disney or Nickelodeon has SOMETHING.

Okay, ew gross. We hate families. Hate them. We’d rather stay in our rooms and hide there forever. But… They’re not going anywhere anytime soon (unless they have corona, in that case they might die and you might catch it so STAY AWAY). But, you could bOnD. Me and my siblings have been kind of getting along (if fighting and yelling at each other then turning around and being friends is getting along)

Mental Health
Staying indoors is taking a toll on our mental health, guys. Most of us never even went outside (ahem, *cough cough* me) But once we weren’t allowed to go outside, that’s all we wanted to do. Keep it off your mind (sleep).

If you have friends, text them every day or so. Call them maybe. If you don’t have friends… Use your imagination.

Buy stuff. I definitely recommend. 4 out of 5 stars. It’s just that you can go broke, but nothing tooo serious. (If you do order something, please disinfect it when you get it)

Social Media
Obviously, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are here for our entertainment. If you want to watch strangers get into heated arguments, I’d say Twitter, Facebook, and Insta.

Eat food. I mean, duh. You’ve already been doing that, but there are people out there that don’t really eat. (Yeah I mean YOU) eat more. You’re already a stick. Being skinny is cute, but food is cute, too.

Now, here’s a tuff one. We stay up alll night on social media or Netflix or whatever, and we don’t really go to sleep. (YES I AM TARGETING THE BOYS THAT STAY UP ALL NIGHT PLAYING 2K & FORTNITE) Sis. Bro. Turn everything off and go to sleep.

Video Games
All the gamers are gonna be happy. Yes, start playing. I haven’t really played anything in a while. I know my COD app is just like “she so MIA”. Yeah, my fault. But gaming isn’t that bad. It’s fun to virtually shoot people.

Get inna Kitchen
I’ve been in the kitchen a little. Cooking. (yak) I do bake, but I haven’t baked in such a long time. However, it’s only a few ingredients. You can go from eating Ritz crackers to eating Beef Stroganoff. (I ate that like an hour ago)

Honestly, switch up the styles. Or don’t. I usually switch my hairstyle every week, but I think I’ve been wearing my bonnet without taking it off for a while now.

That’s all I’ve got tbh. If you have any suggestions, lmk in the comments! But really, rmb what I said. STAY. INSIDE. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

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